As of Late …

{Above image: Christmas palm trees in San Diego. Because when you have the schedule of a nurse and no dependents, you can do things like take semi-spontaneous trips to the West Coast.}

We’ve had quite the string of visitors lately. Right after Sean and Laura’s visit, Dad graced us with his presence for the week. A solid lineup.

1. A Death March

IMG_2626Two years ago when Dad visited in January, Anna and I took him out in the bitter cold on a 4-hour walk. It seriously felt like the coldest day of the year and half way through dad tripped, tearing a hole in his jeans and giving him a scrapped knee. Ever since, Dad calls any long walk that I take him on a “death march.”
IMG_2627But he’s a real trooper and never declines. This year I took him on a walk in the pouring rain. To be fair, you can’t fault me for being optimistic and believing that it’d clear up. I admit that even I didn’t really enjoy walking once our pants and socks were soaked through. Dad pointed out repeatedly that we only passed a single runner on our walk across. IMG_0486

Throw back to 2000 when we were first introduced to the concept of a walk as an activity in and of itself. On our first ever visit to NYC Mom and Dad had us walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. We absolutely could not understand the point of walking across just to walk right back. Accomplishing nothing. As you can tell, we pouted the whole way.

2. Katie Draws On …IMG_5263

As previously mentioned, Katie’s office is not the most uplifting, colorful place. In fact, it is entirely grey (albeit a few splashes of orange in the form of office envelopes). Here is a picture to really drive home the point.  Katie continues to create her mousepad scenes. While Dad was in town we made it to the MOMA to see the exhibit “Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs.”  And it hit me that Katie is the modern day Matisse. Get your autographs now. IMG_2638

Katie is currently taking requests for plot developments. Anna requested that Jack find a lady friend.  IMG_2639


IMG_2674 IMG_2690 IMG_2694 IMG_2686IMG_2696 IMG_2699 IMG_2702 IMG_2703 IMG_2704babyIMG_2709IMG_2715IMG_2714IMG_2716

All’s well that ends well in Katie’s paper world!

3. Lola being Lola

IMG9529534. Happy Offices IMG_2640On Fridays, people bring their dogs into Anna’s office. Anna’s office is about the exact opposite of Katie’s office.

4. Sad meals IMG_0625This is what happens when Anna is left alone for the weekend with a kitchen still filled from Sean’s shopping spree. “Pizza bites + donuts” and “lunchable + block of cheese + hard cider”IMG_72415. Happy Meals IMG_2632 And this is what happens when Dad visits and you can spend lazy mornings in coffee shops with him. IMG_2635 IMG_2636IMG_2645IMG_2646Doughnuts in LA. The peanut butter filling was actually real, thick peanut butter. It was perfection for me. IMG_2651IMG_26576. Souvenirs from Maine 
IMG_26347. Stay-at-Home Dads

IMG_2731It’s been great to have Dad at home all the time when we visit, now that he’s retired. Except in the morning when he informs us that there are 10 grams (!) of sugar in our fun Honey Comb breakfast cereal.

But he would make a great soccer mom because he doesn’t complain at all about the fact that he’s still driving around 23 year olds. Also, he recently purchased this lovely new hat because, “it has great colors.” He also considers it to be a (not scientifically rigorous) social experiment to see if people treat him differently. So if you are ever the lucky person that gets to be our waiter, once you take our order you’ll be asked, “OK, real quick: look at my hat and tell me what comes to mind! Free associate!” So far, our only enlightening results have been, “Umm Army, solider, camo, war?”

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