New Year’s Resolutions—Courtesy of Laura

I’ve never made a New Year’s Resolution. Lent I can do, but a whole year is a bit much. Besides, if I gave up peanut butter for a whole year I would perish of protein malnutrition.

However, it just so happened that without even resolving to do so, we’ve started 2015 off with lots of little improvements. This turn of events is solely because Laura moved onto our couch at the beginning of January while she completes an ER rotation in Park Slope. That is the secret to New Year’s Resolutions: have someone who has life a little bit more together move into your house.

It’s only been two weeks and so far …

1.We Exercise More: After attending one of my YMCA classes as guests, both Anna and Laura ended up joining the gym. We have been killing it so far, going together at least 4 times a week. Group motivation is the best. (We’re too embarrassed to take a gym selfie so here’s a pic of the cute calendar Laura created that includes gym dates. The long receipt on our fridge is from Sean’s latest grocery run).


2. We Clean More: A dirty spoon or bowl will not last a minute in the sink under Laura’s watch. She makes me want to clean my dishes right away.

Oh and Lola is also finally getting brushed. Below, she rests easy knowing her coat is immaculate.

photo 1photo                                                   {Bonus Lola pic}

3. We Eat More Vegetables: I thought I was good with vegetables … and then Laura came and I realized I’m a novice in the vegetable patch.

For one month in NYC Laura packed one (!) duffel bag. In that precious real estate was an immersion blender so she can make tasty soups and smoothies. How’s that for vegetal dedication? So far we’ve enjoyed delicious kale salads, split pea soup, roasted sweet potato, quinoa salad, and butternut squash soup. Of course, it’s super annoying when people only eat vegetables and “juice.”  Thankfully, Laura is a big advocate of dessert as well.IMG_2859

IMG_99194. We Get Out More: Whenever a visitor arrives you inevitably experience New York more fully. For us, this has involved going on long walks and trying new restaurants.

photo 4

{Spanish brunch on a Sunday afternoon: the most delicious roasted Brussels sprouts, salad, paella, and churros. }photo 5IMG_1136{Another Sunday brunch at Rubriosa to try their vodka pizza}

5. We Started Composting: At least six months ago, the city started a pilot program in our neighborhood where they give everyone mini composting buckets and each week someone collects it.  For months that bucket sat in the front hallway sad and neglected. Every so often I’d think that we should really pick it up and use it.  That didn’t happen until Laura came. Granted, it isn’t the cutest kitchen accessory, but we now have peace of mind knowing that not one banana peel will touch a landfill.


Other exciting things to begin 2015 with:

1. A New Hand Towel. Because it’s all in the little things. And because Katie not only gave me this Pendleton towel for Christmas, but also Pendleton socks. My socks now match my hand towel, and my life feels really put together.


2. Gold Bears. Katie crafted these bear bookends for Anna’s Christmas present by spray painting some toy bears and gluing them to a spray-painted block of wood. Makes me want to spray paint half the things in our house gold … Would that look cheap?
IMG_99253. A Peacock Ornament. Because a blue, sparkly peacock is one of those things that you’d never have guessed you’d need until you find it in a big box of post-Christmas sale decorations.  IMG_9921IMG_9923

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4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions—Courtesy of Laura

  1. Please tell Laura I have extra space at my place. I could use some improvements – ala Laura

  2. Was the paella from Tertulia, by any chance? I love that place!

  3. Oh man. I haven’t. But I’m gonna.

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