Spring Weekend in Fort Myers, Florida

Clearly Mom and Dad like traveling with Anna—and no other triplets—best.

Because after our winter family four-day weekend in New Hampshire, we planned our spring family four-day weekend for the following month.

In March, Mom, Dad and Anna headed to Fort Myers, Florida to visit Matt, Jackie and POW. The other triplets weren’t invited.

Here’s a (brief, because I forgot my real camera) summary of the trip:

IMG_7215First stop: lobster rolls from a New England-themed seafood restaurant.


We then met Matt back at their house, and after swapping my wool hat and winter coat for shorts and sandals, we enjoyed some coffee on their lanai.


Later that evening, we met up with Jackie and POW at a festival downtown. POW enjoyed dancing around to the live music, and Mom and I enjoyed a few “Bahama Mama” drinks.


Dad soaking up the warm weather: “It feels like a million kisses on my skin!”

Now might be a good time to note that Dad did not pack appropriately for the trip. He didn’t bring a single pair of shorts—he said he couldn’t imagine it being warm (I guess that’s what Chicago winters do to you)—and spent most of the trip in large, heavy khakis and dress shoes. On the day we went to the beach, he had to borrow Matt’s shorts.

IMG_2981The next morning, we piled into the car and headed out to Sanibel Island. We perched under the shade of the palm trees in a few Adirondack chairs, and ordered some lunch:

IMG_2971IMG_2980IMG_2970Ever the responsible boy, POW lathered up on sunscreen …


… while Mama and I took selfies.

10954968_10105495791302039_1394145895674712019_oIt was hard to leave the perfect setting under the palm trees, but we did also venture down to the beach.

10956402_10105495792594449_3757791847912787489_oWhat a good little water baby.

IMG_2975That evening, after some tasty pizza, Ma and Pa had to head back to Chicago. So I used POW as my selfie partner instead.


The next day, Sunday, was baseball day. After a yummy brunch (where I couldn’t believe a mimosa that would have cost me $12 in Brooklyn was only $3 in Florida), POW got ready in his outfit:IMG_2976So precious.
IMG_2966And after lunch on Sanibel Island, Matt insisted I take this picture.

And this is how I spent my Monday. It was such a great feeling to read by the pool in the warm weather, while thinking about my co-workers staring at their computers, and dealing with all my work.

I caught up on my magazines and then ordered lunch poolside—a chicken salad wrap and chips.

I also watched the retirees’ water aerobics class, but was too shy to join in—maybe next time.

Thanks to Matt and Jackie for being such great hosts!

Note: any of the quality, non-blurry photos on Sanibel Island were taken by Jackie.

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