The Pride of Park Slope

Having a cute, vintage firehouse directly across from our apartment has always been a unique perk to our home. For one, we are cautious by nature so it’s reassuring to know they are just a stone’s throw away.

But also, it always nice to walk home or peek out the window and see a group of handsome, rugged men engaging in a few of their favorite activities: hanging out in front with their firehouse dog, shoveling the snow, sweeping the driveway, kicking a soccer ball around, putting golf balls, testing their equipment, pulling out their ladders to hang up Christmas decorations, and so on.

To be completely honest, some of their activities can be annoying. For example, we’ve never understood why they have to test their chainsaw for 5 minutes every morning and afternoon.

Regardless, it’s been a joy being their neighbors. We’ve always talked about bringing them over a pie someday or finding any excuse at all to talk to them. Alas, we never did.

But fortunately, on a beautiful day in May the firehouse held an open house for the neighborhood. With just a month to spare before moving, we fulfilled our dream of venturing inside the firehouse. It was exactly as I’d imagined. (Well, no single, young firefighter asked for our number or anything, but the decor was perfect).

  IMG_3143IMG_3144Every Park Slope baby pulled out his or her firefighter outfit and came to pet the firehouse dogs and pretend to drive the truck. IMG_3155Anna couldn’t find her firewoman costume, but still got to pet the dogs and sit in the truck. IMG_3146Who knew firemen are such greats hosts? They elegantly displayed various treats: tootsie rolls, Cheetos, gummy bears and Kit-Kats. IMG_3151 IMG_3158 IMG_3160 IMG_3161 If you look closely you can see Anna sitting in the front seat. The kind fireman to the right helped her up. IMG_3152

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One thought on “The Pride of Park Slope

  1. Brian Gill on said:

    We are there 24 hours a day. Come by any time for another tour…

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