June Updates

This has been quite the busy summer so far. We’ve moved twice, been to Ikea 5 times, and begun one new job.

May and June went by in a blur, but here are some highlights: IMG_3223

We gave away half of our things and packed up the rest in as many creative storage containers as possible. (We moved twice and didn’t buy a single box). IMG_3224When we broke the news to Lola that we were giving away her precious couch she chained herself to the cushions in a silent, sleepy protest. IMG_3212Mom came for a final visit to our Park Slope home and we spent a day at the Brooklyn Zoo watching baby monkeys and playing old-fashioned games such as the classic stick and wheel. IMG_3220Sunday picnic in Prospect Park. IMG_3218Walks to Brooklyn Bridge Park in accidentally matching outfits.

IMG_3246 We spent June in a temporary apartment because of a mix-up with our real apartment. And for that one month we enjoyed the incredible luxury of an in-unit washer/dryer. The whirl of a home washer/dryer has to be the best sound in the world.

IMG_3255 Lola checking out the corners of our temporary home.

IMG_3302 Lola also got her own instagram account. She is this close to becoming an internet sensation.

IMG_3267                                   We turned 24! Earlier in June, I went to the doctor and had to fill out my age on the check-in form. I temporarily forgot how old I was, but thankfully I have a triplet who remembered. Then a week later we had a birthday, so now I have to remember a new number.

IMG_3285Then Dad had a birthday so we all went to Chicago for one of Sean and Laura’s epic parties. We feasted on homemade baked beans, pulled pork, parker house rolls, kale salad, cheese dip and chips, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, and potato salad with blueberry pie for dessert.  Dad got to invite one friend and he chose his former boss and her husband. IMG_3289IMG_3286Katie was in charge of decorations so she gave Dad’s photo a little party hat. IMG_3279  Before dinner everyone wrote down trivia questions and after dinner Sean read them off to Dad to answer. He was given a 60-second time limit to prevent lengthy discussions on the magna carta or papal history.

An outsider might worry the birthday boy had dementia when he couldn’t recall the name of the cat he’s lived with for 5 years … or any of the birthdays of his sisters … or the birth weights of his triplet daughters. Au contraire—his mind is still fit as a fiddle. The man is not to be stumped on historical questions. Amazingly,  he effortlessly listed the date that the Chicago river was reversed, the names of the last 9 Cardinals of Chicago in chronological order and other obscure dates and fun facts. IMG_3344 Back in NYC, Anna and I discovered that the Catholic church in Nolita procured some sheep and honey bees for their cemetery. Isn’t that the cutest? I would’ve loved to have been at that meeting where they decided that sheep and bees were a church necessity. The sheep are used to cut the grass and I’m curious who’s eating the honey.

IMG_3369 One of the most terrifying moments of Lola’s life, in which we had to stuff her in this bag (technically for chihuahuas) for the move. IMG_3370 We got some strange looks carrying this bag filled with frantic meows. Thankfully we didn’t get reported for cat-napping.

IMG_3356 We moved into our real apartment! For the first time in my life, I have my own real bedroom.

IMG_3363 A sneak peek before the furniture and decorations were moved in. IMG_3329 I met Anna after work at her new office in Dumbo, which is right next to beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park. I was worried that once she changed jobs she wouldn’t bring home office snacks for me anymore. Thankfully though her new editorial job is for a health-focused website, so she brings home lots of granola bars and dark chocolate and dried fruit. The only item I didn’t appreciate was the energy bar made out of actual cricket flour, which is apparently the protein of the future. The day we visited this rainbow house was also the day gay marriage was legalized, so it felt very timely.

Coming up next: a tour of the new neighborhood and apartment!

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