Bye, Park Slope


Before we move on to our shiny new apartment, Park Slope deserves a proper goodbye.  Because Park Slope was very good to us for our first two years after college.  It was our first “real” apartment … as in there was a living room, a dining room, and a full kitchen as opposed to our Lower East Side place.IMG_0450

In many ways it was a dream apartment and neighborhood. We loved our fireplace, wrought iron fence, firemen, going to the same gym as the mayor, tree-lined, quiet streets, the afternoon sunlight that filled the living room, sidewalks covered in chalk dust and hop scotch grids, cute boutiques and coffee shops, proximity to Prospect Park, and so on.


When we lived on Orchard St. every single day I’d walk outside and think how lucky we were to live on such a historical and interesting street. Likewise, I’d walk home past the elegant and stately brownstones of Park Slope and think how fortunate we were to be in such a beautiful neighborhood.


Honestly, I never even minded paying rent because it was worth it. It also helped that our landlord was a very friendly guy who immigrated from Italy in grade school and came to own apartments all over New York City. Living the American Dream. Maybe it shouldn’t matter, but rather than sending a check to a large real estate company, it feels a lot nicer to send a check to a guy who is really proud of his historical apartments and personally comes to repair broken tiles and scrap paint from windowsills.

IMG_0548Actually the month before we left, he came over often to scrape paint. The next family moving in has a baby and apparently our house is coated in lead paint (Thankfully Anna and I knew better than to lick the windowsills). In the above picture he had taken away our front door for the day to scrap paint off it. As much as we liked our landlord it was a tad inconvenient to come home and find the front door or bathroom door missing at various times.

IMG_0544Isn’t it sad to see it all packed up? After we left they painted over the orange wall for the new tenants who somehow did not appreciate it. Of course, I’d never think to paint a wall orange, but it really was perfect for the space. IMG_0549IMG_0553When moving day finally came we lined up everything out front. The culture in Park Slope though is that things out front are free game so at least two women almost headed off with our little wooden desk. They were pretty embarrassed when they realized we were just moving.
IMG_0552Anna brought out the big guns and started hauling everything into Erick’s car. The only way to survive in NYC is to become friends with a man with a van.
IMG_0554 Moving day 2015
IMG_0658Moving day 2013—it must be pointed out that Anna is wearing the same shirt …

IMG_0481 As previously mentioned, mom visited Park Slope right before we moved out. One great thing about mom visiting is that it forces you to get out and do new things. For example, we’d lived there two years and I’d never been to the Prospect Park Zoo just a short walk away. Imagine that!

IMG_0465Mom takes a turn at the old “embroidery hoop and knitting needles tossing game.” Afterwards, we spent a beautiful afternoon getting lost in Prospect Park:IMG_0468IMG_0452IMG_0455And we ducked into the magnificent Brooklyn Public Library so mom could pick up the rest of the Anne of Green Gables trilogy. On her first day in NYC we were at work so she spent the day in our apartment reading Anna of Green Gables and getting the lunch special at a nearby place. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely day? 
IMG_0530 On the weekend we walked to Brooklyn Bridge Park. IMG_0514On the pier we discovered a little workout area (possibly for children? Who’s to say?) IMG_0523 I can say though that there was a charming little boy who was really keen on instructing us on how to use the equipment. IMG_0519IMG_0510 Further along we discovered a roller skating rink …IMG_0512And we spent at least thirty minutes watching the adorable kids try their hand at skating. They used a little walker on wheels to help them scoot along. Nonetheless, most of them toppled over every few feet. Not only was this adorable, but it was so cute to watch the teenager whose sole job was to pick up kids who’d fallen over (you can see him above in the referee strips). It was so fun to watch because he took his job very, very seriously and, with a stern look on his face, he’d zoom over to swoop up each fallen baby. Mom was so impressed by him she even wrote him a rave yelp review! IMG_0509 There is no shortage of people watching in a New York City park. Above, Anna and mom watch a Quinceanera party take their group photos. We also stopped on a bench to watch a wedding party. It was quite a happy day!IMG_0506 I always think this pier must be a little boy’s dream. There are tall buildings! boats! bridges! helicopters! and airplanes! all in one spot. IMG_0504IMG_0489 It’s also a great place for someone who loves lobster rolls. There’s a little shop right under the Brooklyn Bridge that sells lobster, shrimp and crab rolls. We are big Maine fans so it’s fun to hear where exactly in Maine that day’s batch of lobsters came from. IMG_0495Anna has gotten the combo meal at least three times this summer. 
IMG_0485 Thanks for coming, mom and for helping us live up our last week in Park Slope!IMG_0483

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One thought on “Bye, Park Slope

  1. Love the photo/story of the teenaged referee protecting the little kids learning to skate. Wish Humans of New York author profiled him….great story among many in this blog.

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