Babies’ Day Out

{Cover photo by Ronan}

Brooklyn Bridge Park is a little boy’s (or girl’s) dream. As you walk along the pier you can enjoy:

1) tall buildings (and construction sites)

2) a river to throw rocks into

3) helicopters that take off from a pad in Manhattan

4) tug boats and sail boats and kayaks

5) two bridges with cars! and trains! passing over them

6) Ice cream, lemonade, pretzels and various treats

7) Interactive art, playgrounds and sprinklers

Of course, Lochy, Jude and Dash would love it.

IMG_0642So last week, we finally found a time to take them. Molly, Ronan and the boys met me in Boerum Hill so that they could see the apartment, scratch Lola’s head and get some Blue Bottle coffee.

Then we walked through the beautiful streets of Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights toward the river. While the boys may not have been impressed with all the old-fashioned brownstones, they were very interested in every dinky playground we passed. It was rather sad because they kept getting excited at each new playground and we’d try in vain to convince them that we were headed to something even better than a playground.

But before we made it to the pier, the boys’ interest was piqued by a little monarch butterfly stranded in the middle of the sidewalk. The butterfly’s wing was damaged so they coaxed it to the safety of a tree bed.

IMG_0646As they worked diligently on saving the butterfly, Ronan caught me up on the happenings at their Astoria playground. Apparently, there’s a very naughty boy who frequents the playground. Recently, Ronan and the boys were crouching on the ground watching a baby bird eat a worm off the sidewalk.

The naughty boy comes up to see what they’re looking at and promptly STOMPS on the bird, squashing it flat!!! What child’s first instinct is to flatten a baby bird?? (The answer: a future serial killer). Anyways, I was so creeped out by the kid that I stepped back in horror … And guess what? I accidentally squashed the butterfly!IMG_0647 I didn’t handle it too gracefully, hopping up and down and grabbing onto Molly as though I’d stepped on a snake.


The poor boys who had been working so hard to save the butterfly asked, “but why did Emily kill it?” Ronan spared me and explained that it was better to put the butterfly out of his misery. Still, I felt really awful about it and worried I’d have bad luck for the rest of the day.   IMG_0648
But karma must be able to distinguish between accidental and intentional butterfly-squashing because the rest of the day was lovely. IMG_0659

This little rascal scampered ahead and always managed to find something interesting …IMG_0649IMG_0653
How cute is little Dash as he leans in to see what’s so interesting? Must be hard to  be a little fellow strapped in a stroller. IMG_0654IMG_0655Much to the boys’ disappointment you aren’t allowed to swim in this beach, but they did take advantage of the interactive art:IMG_0656IMG_0658Isn’t he the cutest little walker ever in his little walking suit? After a bit more walking, we finally reached the long-awaited sprinkler!
IMG_0660While Jude and Lochy ran in and out of the water …IMG_0663Dash walked around the perimeter and helped collect people’s shoes. IMG_0664He’s not a water baby yet and prefers to stay dry and cozy. IMG_0666Even Anna managed to stop by, as her office is right off the pier.

IMG_0671As I admired Jude’s freckles I asked (in a sing-songy voice), “Jude, do you know what freckles are?” I expected him to say something cute like, “Every freckle is a kiss from an angel.” I started laughing when his answer was even cuter, “Yeah, they’re little spots of melanin.” Yep,  Jude sure set me straight.


In this little series, Jude and Lochy pretend to be worried children of the Great Depression. Or maybe they were just a bit sad about leaving the sprinkler. Who am I to say? IMG_0668IMG_0670But they brightened right up when we stopped for ice cream on the walk home. 
IMG_0673IMG_0675IMG_0676IMG_0677New York City summer days don’t get much better than this!

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