July Round Up

1. Pizza

I’ve been waiting to go to Roberta’s for more than two years now. Roberta’s is a popular pizza place located way out in Brooklyn among warehouses, graffiti and artists’ lofts. It’s probably the most hipster pizza parlor in Brooklyn, and therefore the world. Every customer has a tattoo or a beard, or both. When Tommy and Emily were in town a few years ago we made it all the way out there but decided the two-hour wait wasn’t worth it and turned around. IMG_3538We finally made it this summer. Anticipating camping out in line for a while we made sure to bring plenty of reading material. I’ve recently discovered the word “abibliophobia,” meaning a fear of running out of reading material, and diagnosed the entire Williams family with it. There’s nothing more anxiety inducing than the thought of finishing your magazine too early on the subway and being stranded to stare at the floor.
IMG_3540Surprisingly, there was no line and we were seated right away. For a quick second Anna and I contemplated getting a salad and one pizza. Then we came to our senses and settled on an off-the-menu pizza drizzled with honey and the famous original pizza. We asked the waitress how big the pizzas were and she said, “well for girls of your size, two will be too much but you can just take the leftovers home.” Well guess who didn’t have a single crumb left over? IMG_3541I’m assuming she was jealous of our pizza-eating abilities and that’s why she swapped our $30 bill with our neighbors. (Note my blackened finger tips from the pizza.)

2. Le Creuset and Staub

Now that we have a pretty kitchen, I figured it was time to invest in some nice kitchenware. You know, pots and pans that aren’t $5 from IKEA and have mysterious anti-stick chemicals peeling off of them.

IMG_3566Since Anna boils water every morning for her coffee, we splurged on a Le Creuset tea kettle. It sits on the stovetop 24/7 so it might as well be pretty to look at. FullSizeRender 2I had been contemplating getting a Le Creuset dutch oven. But then I came across this Staub pot which is also made in France and was more than half off.  Admittedly, high-quality French pots aren’t usually the sort of thing you buy on a whim as you’re taking a walk around the neighborhood. They’re the sort of thing you get as a wedding present. Even Mom, who isn’t in to trends, bought an orange Le Creuset set (still in daily use after more than 30 years) with their wedding money. FullSizeRenderBut I’m a bit too impatient. An old co-worker once told me how it was really important to her that she (not a man) buy her first diamond. So she saved from her first paychecks and bought some diamond earrings, which apparently was very empowering. Well this, then, is my diamond. I don’t need to wait for no man and a bridal shower to have a nice dutch oven! (Ok maybe I’m being facetious and don’t really believe I’m advancing the feminist movement by buying kitchenware.)

3. Heat weather advisories

Just about every other day a heat advisory will be issued on the radio. We don’t have A/C and it hasn’t been unbearable, but we have been eating lots of ice cream treats and acai bowls for dinner. 

How, you ask, has Lola been dealing with the heat in her furry little body? Well not so well. She’s either clinically depressed or just very hot and miserable as she spends all day sleeping on this stack of magazines or the kitchen tiles.


IMG_3558IMG_36004. Cobble Hill Park

Anna discovered this quaint little  park just a few blocks from our house and suddenly it feels like we’ve gained a backyard. Even on really hot days it stays nice and cool under the canopy of trees. Plus it’s quiet, clean and surrounded by adorable little brick houses.
IMG_3455Lately, I’ve been going in the morning to read on a bench among my neighbors.
FullSizeRender 2 Someone did some great urban planning here. IMG_3553Granted I have many Brooklyn home crushes, but wouldn’t it be charming to live in that salmon brick house and sleep under that cracked open window?
IMG_3585Last Sunday, we brought Vietnamese takeout, fruit and an old curtain to create a little picnic. IMG_35875. Lunch Break

It’s pretty easy to find free food on the streets of NYC as brands promote their new energy drink or hummus. Last week, I went to meet Anna on her lunch break and we stumbled upon our best free food find yet. Google was trying to promote a new app so if you participated in a little game they gave you a free waffle from a well-known food truck. If you won you got a big waffle and if you lost you got a small waffle. And if you were gluten-free you got vanilla ice cream with fruit.

IMG_3598The game host decided we should play as a team and Anna won us both large waffles topped with speculoos and whipped cream. IMG_3596IMG_3597Not a shabby place to take your lunch break.

6. Weekday afternoons at the laundromat FullSizeRenderAs much as I loved having our own laundry machine for a month, there is sincerely something fun about going to a laundromat. Our closest laundromat looks straight out of the ’70s. They can’t get enough of wood paneling and orange plastic chairs.

7. Homemade granola bars IMG_3439When I’m at work I often don’t have time to take a lunch break. (Management tries to change the no-break culture, but lots of time nurses will stay outside their patients’ room for the whole 12+ hours). Therefore I eat a lot of granola bars because they’re quick and easy and I can hold the package without touching the food. This is especially important because despite all that Purell you do know where your hands have been. IMG_3444When Anna was still at her old job, she’d bring me home Cliff and Kind bars from her office kitchen (not unethical because I only ate them when I was taking care of kids). So when she changed jobs I lost my supplier and couldn’t stomach paying $2 for a little energy bar. It turns out the ingredients that go into granola bars are pretty dang expensive so maybe I didn’t save that much money, but I did feel pretty Brooklyn as I mixed up my own granola. Plus I feel very superior eating my “Ancient” grains as opposed to your modern grains.

8. Tom’s HoneyIMG_3567You know what also makes me feel really cool? Putting Tommy’s homemade honey on my breakfast every morning. I appreciate it even more after reading this piece on the disappearance of bees.

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  1. OOOH! How do I get my hand’s on Tom’s honey??

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