Making Dinner With HelloFresh

A few weeks ago, Jackie sent us a coupon for three free meals from the dinner delivery service, HelloFresh. She’d been posting Instagram photos of the tasty meals she’d been creating, so we were excited to try it for ourselves. IMG_0681
One exciting afternoon when our friend Kevin was in town, the doorbell rang and I scampered down the stairs to retrieve a huge box of food. IMG_0705There is something immensely exciting and satisfying about three perfect meals tucked into three little boxes just waiting to be assembled. IMG_0689Of course, while the packaging in very pretty and the mini ketchup bottle is so cute, our eco-friendly Brooklyn side did feel a bit guilty. Just look how sad Lola was when she saw how many ice packets were used in the packaging. IMG_0691
Anyway, moving on … Look at these delightful meals:

  1. Nectarine and Zucchini Panzanella IMG_0710 2. Baked Tofu with Polenta IMG_0711 3. Black Bean and Farro SaladIMG_0715I think the colorful mini box of beans has to be my favorite. Not to get ahead of ourselves here, but the black bean salad turned out to be our favorite meal. It was our first time having farro and it’s a nice chewy grain. Kevin has already re-created this dish back in Chicago. 
    IMG_0724One thing to know about Kevin is that he is a very good traveler (a year in Spain, a year in Italy, three weeks in China, Israel, France, you name it) and he does not sit still while on vacation. IMG_0726 So in the late afternoon, when Anna and I are happy to lounge on the couch reading, he was ready to squeeze in another New York City activity. Bless him. IMG_0728 Anna had spent the previous day throwing up after eating too many avocado cheeseburgers at the beach so she begged mercy and stayed at home, but I headed out with him for a neighbor walk. IMG_0729That’s one thing I love about NYC: the historical streets and architecture is so pretty that a simple neighborhood walk feels like legitimate sightseeing.
    IMG_0732 I peppered Kevin with question after question as we meandered through the streets, many of which were new to me. 
    IMG_0736 IMG_0734IMG_0739 And peaked into as many beautiful homes as we could. IMG_0740As it darkened, we headed to the river to catch the sunset and views of lower Manhattan. 
    IMG_0754 IMG_0758 There’s always something exciting about Brooklyn Bridge Park because everyone seems happy and relaxed. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why it’s not as overrun as Times Square. IMG_0761 Once we’d worked up a decent appetite — on the verge of being hangry — we headed back to the kitchen. 
    IMG_0771Kevin and I liked to pretend we were being very professional (perhaps writing a cookbook?) so in the beginning we documented about every apple being chopped and pot being stirred. However, I will spare you (mostly). Below we see the moment at which I set the timer for the farro to cook: IMG_0767That little poem, “This Is Just to Say” by William Carlos Williams is something little Katie transcribed when she lived in Park Slope. Admittedly most poetry is a bit opaque for my liking. Not exactly my cup of tea. However, this one I get. I love fridge poetry.                                     “This is Just To Say                                                                                             I have eaten                                                                                                                          the plums                                                                                                                             that were in                                                                                                                          the icebox                                                                                                                              and which                                                                                                                           you were probably                                                                                                         saving                                                                                                                                   for breakfast                                                                                                                Forgive me                                                                                                                          they were delicious                                                                                                               so sweet                                                                                                                                  and so cold.                                                                                                    Maybe there’s a deeper meaning about greed and gluttony and temptation. (After all Animal Farm is not really about some talking animals, which confused our six-grade selves.) But whatever it means, it   makes me happy whenever I read it. IMG_0772Back to the matter at hand. Kevin and I ended up preparing both the farro salad and the baked tofu. I hope HelloFresh is not marketing this as a romantic activity because after a burned hand, a dropped pan of toasted bread and other mishaps, Kevin and I were barely on speaking terms. Just kidding, but there were too many cooks in a tiny, hot NYC kitchen after the second hour of cooking.
    IMG_0787The final product! Don’t worry I will not attempt a career in food photography. Nonetheless it was pretty tasty and definitely different from my usual dinners.                                                                                  Thanks Jackie for the tasty meals! And to Kevin for putting up with my bossy cooking self.
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