Kayaking Maine

You know those cool, adventurous families that spend their holidays in the national parks, going camping and rock climbing?

Well, we are not that family. At all. We are the risk-adverse and cautious family. No roller coasters, no white-water rafting trips, no scuba diving, no city bike rides. Get the idea? IMG_0984BUT for two days in Maine, we took a little walk on the wild side and … went kayaking. IMG_0952We started out very gingerly by taking the house kayaks out in the back yard (back harbor). It only took us about two hours of nagging Dad until he agreed to do it. As Dad’s footwear makes painfully obvious, we are not very familiar with kayaking. IMG_0951This became even more obvious when we tried to row the boat like a canoe. A man on his own deck next door shouted over that each person is only supposed to have one paddle. He at least was amused by our kayaking efforts.
IMG_0970 IMG_0965We were deathly afraid of being run over by a lobster boat, so we paddled in little circles, and only ever went a few feet out of the harbor.

11947792_10156109655975385_8317508753612244813_oBut after getting a small taste of kayaking, I yearned to explore deeper waters. So we looked up the local campground that offers kayaking lessons and booked a morning of guided kayaking. 11999708_10156109656250385_2728027696124398813_oIt was all very professional: they gave us water shoes, life jackets, kayak skirts and maps. We had a little safety lesson and then our guide took us (and another couple) out on the water. 
11731651_10156109655665385_7930649058423804554_oAt first it was so foggy that you couldn’t see too far ahead. When we’d cross open water to reach the next island, we’d line up and race across, listening out for lobster boats. Once we reached the next island, we could relax a bit as we’d then hug along the coast line. At one point, a little seal popped its head up behind our boat. 12029787_10156109655170385_511769039679700362_o 12039078_10156109655110385_2417676386625603174_oOverall, it was amazingly beautiful and relaxing. No one was hit by a boat or tipped over. When we were on the (surprisingly warm) water among the pine trees, rocky islands and fog, it felt like we were really experiencing Maine.
12045224_10156109656545385_7508117382250249743_oAnd in the end we got what might be my favorite selfie ever from our tour guide!

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2 thoughts on “Kayaking Maine

  1. Love the progression in your kayaking …..inspires me to take to the seas in a little boat

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