Lola Turns 4!

Although it’s hard to believe, our little Lola is growing up!

Alas, they can’t stay babies forever, but I have a feeling four will be a great year for Lola—one of continued growth and new beginnings.

I’ll admit we’re not Lola’s birth parents so we aren’t certain when her real birthday is, but we settled on four because that sounds like a nice age. (Plus we think she was two when we adopted her.) And March 20th is just as good a day as any. IMG_1603There are actually a few reasons why a tiny cat ended up getting her own birthday party:

  1. For Christmas, Aunt Susan gave us an adorable set of vintage cat stickers, gift tags and treat bags. We couldn’t think of a better way to use them than as goody bags for a cat party.
  2. A French coffee shop in the West Village makes a delicious cake/pastry with an “L” on top. We needed an occasion to buy the cake so we decided it needed to be Lola’s birthday cake.
  3. I happened to have five days off in a row and thus became a stay-at-home kitty mom who had time to obsess over party decorations and cat-themed candy bowls.

As you can see, the stars aligned and Lola celebrated the big 4 in style!

IMG_1600The minute she woke up she wouldn’t stop asking when the party would begin, refusing to budge from her perch at the window as she looked for her guests. [For those who prefer factual reporting, Lola is actually doing what we call “watching her morning cartoons.” Every morning she sits at Anna’s window and watches and listens to her bird friends. We limit her “screen time” to 30 minutes a day, as any sensible parent would.]

IMG_1602Sometimes she takes this limit well, and sometimes she gives us a rude gesture with her pink tongue.

IMG_1608While I slept (having worked the night shift) Anna tidied the house and got started on the party decorations. Though we’ve since taken down the “Happy Birthday” banner, the “Lola” will have to stay up for a while. I can even transition it to “Hola!” IMG_1609Erick’s job was “music boy” and “garbage boy,” though he much preferred the former job. He put together a cat-themed playlist (“Lola” by the Kinks obviously, the Pink Panther theme song, The Lion King, etc.) and then danced with her a bit before guests arrived.  IMG_1605We tried to brainstorm a cat-themed menu: Pieces of salmon? Sardines? Milk? Kit-Kats?IMG_1611But settled on a cheese plate, crackers, fruit, cat cookies and cake. IMG_1606Aren’t the gift bags the sweetest? I think it’s a real shame that adult parties don’t include goody bags. Why should only children get a present for trekking to someone’s party on a Sunday afternoon? IMG_1617Erick’s response when he was told he’s also “door boy,” because our door buzzer system is broken, and someone needed to go down the three flights of stairs every time a new guest arrived.IMG_1616Note the candy bowl filled with Swedish Fish …IMG_1618Anna wore her cat sweater and I wore Lola’s colors (grey and white stripes) with pink shoes (because she has a pink nose, duh).IMG_1613Lola started to get anxious before the guests arrived and took some “me time” under the table. IMG_1619Her first best friend arrives! Best friend is here defined as anyone who’s ever petted her. Malina very kindly brought organic cat nip. She was hesitant at first but was soon literally hugging it. IMG_1623IMG_1626Her second best friend Jacqui brought her an adorable pink mouse. I like to include at the bottom of my party invitations: “Presents are expected and mandatory.”
IMG_1627More food pictures because, cake pops! IMG_1628We worried all the stimulation would be too much for Lola and she’d retreat under the bed, but Lola knew this was her special day. She bravely sat in the middle, soaking in the attention and playing with her ultimate best friend: the corner of the rug. IMG_1633With her nap time quickly approaching, we stuck four candles in the cake and let the singing commence. IMG_1635Being held precariously and having a burning cake shoved in her face made her a bit … shall we say, uncertain? IMG_1636Uncle Julian held her so she could blow out the candles but she just didn’t have the lung capacity. IMG_1638She really went through all the emotions as she processed this event. Wariness …IMG_1640Curiosity …IMG_1642Denial …IMG_1643Until finally she fled! This photo is called “Too much birthday fun.” IMG_1644Her cake may not look like anything special but it has a delicious custard filling. Even though the bakery forgot to add the “L,” it was still perfect. And please note my cat nail stickers. IMG_1647IMG_1648The goody bags were clearly a hit. They included cat stickers, kit-kats, and cat gum. Additionally, the girls received a Lola brand tampon. IMG_1651The morning after, Lola was simply exhausted, but couldn’t stop gushing about all the fun she’d had. IMG_1652When I told her it’d be a whole 364 more days until her next party, I got this naughty face.

I’d highly recommend that everyone throw their pet a party. It’s much more fun to celebrate for a silly reason. And be sure to take it ridiculously seriously, because if you don’t go all out, then you’re just having a get-together for your cat. And that’s a little sad. Plus it’s great fun pretending to be the stressed-out pet owners from Best of Show.

Happy Birthday, Lola! May four be your best year yet!

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2 thoughts on “Lola Turns 4!

  1. This was like an adrenaline shot of creativity! Lola is one lucky cat !!

  2. Rita summerfield on said:

    I’m having a birthday in October and I’d like to hire you to cater and decorate. This compilation is amazing to say the least. Lola is one lucky kitty. Gracie wants to meet her

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